Discover areas of opportunity and grow your revenue stream

From idea to implementation, from concept to a scaled solution, from established product to connected products, we manage all strategies for end-to-end success.

Your homing beacon to success

From connected home to energy savings, from doors and windows to next gen security systems, we structure your business to draw more loyal customers

Connecting the top floor to shop floor

From Industry to Industry 4.0, from Supply chain to Asset tracked supply chain, we provide the best blueprints for business transformations

Motoring your Innovation Drive

From cars to smart fleets, from drivers to driving improvements, from music to infotainment, we have the best approach to pave glory to your customers’ path.

Our Structured "Ideate-Construct-Develop" approach is designed to enable you to grow your consumer base, at every stage of your journey

Are you looking for new monetization avenues, while increasing existing ones? Or are you looking to maximize you ROI? Or perhaps, are you looking to increase efficiencies and org flexibility. Whatever you are looking for, we will make sure you find it, and increase value to your customers.

Leveraging our wide area of expertise, productized thinking, and customized workflows to provide the given best in class offerings for any segment.

Our 3 stage Ideate, Construct & Develop offerings model is tailormade to suit your business at any point in your journey.


Personalized Business to IT Conversion
  • Define new market segments for connected products & services
  • Industry 4.0 based IoT business model Identification

System Design

Tailormade Custom Modules
  • Define new market segments for connected products & services
  • Industry 4.0 based IoT business model Identification

Product Engineering

High Gain Solutions for any Problems Statement
  • Define new market segments for connected products & services
  • Industry 4.0 based IoT business model Identification

Data Collection

intelligent Data Monetization
  • Define new market segments for connected products & services
  • Industry 4.0 based IoT business model Identification

Platform Services

Platform As A Service model to integration Model
  • Define new market segments for connected products & services
  • Industry 4.0 based IoT business model Identification

Cognitive Intelligence

Orchestrated IoT to Insights As A Service
  • Define new market segments for connected products & services
  • Industry 4.0 based IoT business model Identification


Consulting & Advisory

Making the Internet of Things work for you.

FiDzeal’s IoT experts provide you the strategic planning, and change management support for a sustainable solution implementation. Our team of experts who understand the business needs and tech gurus who understand the business perspectives, come together to give you the perfect roadmap for success.

The value we deliver

We will understand you, and propose holistic solutions that have everything you need to deploy an IoT product: a device cloud platform, connectivity hardware, and even SIMs for cellular products.

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Improve Sustainability and Compliance

Enable you to be in the 20% that get to market quickly

Enhance security and data management

Define new addressable market segments, products, services, and business models

Increase value from existing products and services

Optimize business processes and increase efficiency thereby maximising your ROI

System Design

Building a bridge between what is and what needs to be build

Mixing the design thinking approach with our expertise on 60+ types of sensors, 12 types of communication protocols, and in house as well as external platforms, we design systems that increase top and bottom line profits.

The value we deliver

Build a strong IoT business case and get the buy-in needed to industrialize the solution

Identify the key capabilities and technologies needed to reach your desired IoT maturity level

Establish how key IoT capabilities will function

Provide the right platform selection Match your needs - in terms of scalability, ease of use, integrqation API and security

Provide the best edge hardware selcections–As per your requirements in terms of controllers, routers, gateways and hubs

Define initial IoT use casess enabling creation of a clear strategy and road map to success

Seamless integration roadmapsto team up with network elements and legacy systems

Create an optimal and re-usable basis –Best fit for an IoT implementation project

Rely on an end-to-end IoT service offering -Tailored to your business needs


Product Design & Engineering

Fostering Innovation & Engineering Business Success

We ensure that clients achieve bottom-line results by working with them on the two most essential aspects of IoT. Design and Technology.

All disciplines Engaged: Though User experience and technology are king, IoT products are truly integrated devices that require experienced project teams working nimbly across all disciplines. Our cutting-edge product design and Engineering includes intensive research and analysis to identify the appropriate technology to achieve the best performances by incurring less cost as possible. We take a studied approach towards cost, performance, feature trade-offs to help you surmount the challenges of delivering high-quality, timely products and services to the marketplace.

The value we deliver

Speed time to value and lower TCO for your IoT systems and investments

Feature and upgrade priorities that impact bottom line

Transform how you work with Agile teaming, design thinking and disruptive innovation.

Alignment of Market Needs with Key Organizational Objectives, with Technology

Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) in a more strategic and measurable way

Engineering Analysis and Optimization

Data Collection

Run a real-time data supply chain that links details for people, process and things

Accelerate business agility and decision making with IoT data:

Data that’s useful: We design a comprehensive set of integrated services that help you unlock business insights in real time from data across your globally dispersed devices. We use the best data systems for data transfer between onsite sensors and the cloud

The value we deliver

The supreme configurability to securely onboard, organize, monitor, and remotely manage IoT devices at scale

The right IoT core for sensor to cloud data transfer using custom services, or 3rd party solutions like AWS or Google IoT core

Ensure reliable, exactly-once, low-latency data transformation through custom or 3rd party Cloud Dataflow

Ingest event streams from anywhere, at any scale, for simple, reliable, real-time stream analytics

Syndicate data across projects and applicationsrunning on multiple clouds, or between cloud and on-premises apps.

Simplify ETL pipelines without compromising robustness, accuracy, or functionality

Unified logging and monitoring systems for Data and security audits


Platform Services

For rapid Innovations in IoT

Be it M2M platforms, IaaS backends, Hardware-specific software platforms, or Enterprise software extensions or a mix, we will get you the right platform suited for your business.

The right mix of platform components: In its simplest form, an IoT platform is just about enabling connectivity between “things” or devices. The architecture may also consist of a software platform, an application development platform or an analytics platform. In a more sophisticated form, a true end-to-end IoT platform consists of at least eight important architectural building blocks. We make sure that you take the right approach for your IoT platform entry strategy. Whether it’s an organic bottom-up approach where we start with the connectivity part and building out platform features from the bottom-up, or an organic top down approach where we start with the analytics part and building out platform features from the top-down, we will find the right approach for the right platform. We also help you consider approaches that involve open source and licensed partnerships where we strike alliances to offer the full package, or the targeted acquisitions approach, and also, the investment approach.

The value we deliver

Platform differentiators: with selection criteria like Technology ownership, cost, new features, integrations, and support

The best platform Roadmap: Spanning from edge devices to the cloud, the roadmap includes API management and service creation software, edge-to-cloud connectivity and analytics, intelligent gateways, and scalable computing.

Interoperability:Synchronized structured data, be it a computer or your customers favorite smartwatch

Security: Deliver trusted data with a tight integration of hardware- and software-based security that starts where data is most resilient to attack.

Manageability: Get advanced data management and analytics from sensor to datacenter.

Value: Data and connected services are the real value of IoT. We leverage our expertise with yours to get you the best results

Reliability: High availability software with real time monitoring, intelligent alerts and reports.

The right entry strategy: The best platform components, with the best approach.

Cognitive Intelligence

We see things differently

The power of IoT is insight, intelligence, and innovation that transforms your business and industry. This power is leveraged through our expertise with Apps, Data Analytics, and AI to drive deeper customer relationships, operational excellence and digital transformation.

The value we deliver

Compelling functionality: That effects transformation from traditional mechanical, electrical and industrial products to a software-intensive product

Infuse intelligence: Closed loop IoT solutions and NLP capabilities

Operational excellence: Software that optimizes assets and processes across the business to accelerate transformation, cut cost, and improve transparency and trust

Analytics: Predictive and preventive operations derived from the data generated

Insights: Data that drives business insights through rich visualizations

Ease of use: Desktop, embedded, mobile and wearable software that provide business insights through structured data

At FiDzeal, we make it easy!

Our approach brings you the best features

Think big, start small

We start with identifying the one process, product line, or location that matters the most, then make small changes for big impact by identifying a specific, impactful business area to target first.

Lead with a business vision and value statement

We Ensure that the project including the PoC is headed by business stakeholders with a specific vision, and confirm that partners and internal teams understand the goals to achieve

Compelling business case development

Well planned PoCs that demonstrate the value of the solution to get results to executive sponsors quickly, and iterate on a simple scale, maximizing control of your solution

Focus on standards

By adopting standard protocols, we focus on strong feature sets rather than compatibility

Comprehensive portfolio

Find the products, solutions and Research Labs that you need to make the most of IoT business opportunities across devices, cloud, analytical capabilities, and business systems

Trusted support

Be it security, privacy, compliance, attestations, storage or audit requirements, trust large experience and confidence working with companies like yours.

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