We make your enterprise more successful through innovative technology using innovative people.

What we do & What makes us special

At Fidzeal, we do not believe in tasks. We believe that a true partnership begins with a proper understanding of Customer business processes and value streams linked to pain areas in the operational processes.

Our 5 step methodology, keeps you at the center of our actions

Our ability to offer you a 360-degree view on Business engagements




System design

Cognitive Intelligence

Product engineering

Platform services

Offering you transparency and options at each step of the engagement including our trusted FiDz platform.

How we help our clients

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Who we are

At Fidzeal, we are an enthusiastic bunch of people, sharing an obsession for all things IoT.

We keep ourselves abreast of the latest in the devices world, aware of the various happenings on new customer use cases and continuously question ourselves from an end user perspective to innovate and think of a seamless end user experience.

With our experience in making new technologies happen,clubbed with our passion for our customers and an equally deep understanding of business processes,we add value to our partners with our tried and tested 5 step methodology for engagement,which is at the very core of our future plans too


Rodney Lanthorne


  • Executive Advisor to KYOCERA International
  • Member of the KYOCERA Corporation (NYSE: KYO)
  • President and Director of KYOCERA International, Inc.
  • Vice Chairman of KYOCERA International
  • Member of the AVX Corp. (NYSE: AVX) Board of Directors

Amitava Roy

Vice Chairman

  • Vice Chairman FiDzeal
  • Founder, Strategic Advisor & Industry Consultant Innovio Intellectual Property & Solution Pvt. Ltd
  • COO, Tech Mahindra, President & COO, Symphony Services
  • Sr. Corporate VP HCL Technologies Global
  • AVP, Hughes Software Systems
  • AVP, Aricent

David Klienfeld


  • IP Legal Council for many companies
  • Previously Served as Head, Goodwin Procter, San Diego

Alexander Gounares



  • CEO, Concurix, & Others
  • Ex CTO, AOL
  • Ex CEO, FairDvy
  • Member & Advisor, Boards of many Technology Companies
  • Ex CTO Microsoft, Technology Advisor to Bill Gates

Veena Samartha


  • Executive Director FiDzeal R&D Section Manager
  • Hewlett Packard Manager
  • Wipro Technologies

Ganesh K J


  • Vice President, Vodafone Global Enterprise
  • COO, Digibee Microsystems
  • Head Institution Business, Bharti Airtel Limited

Working at Fidzeal

At FiDzeal we believe in Employee Empowerment ,we value your quest to learn cutting edge technologies and your entrepreneurial spirit !! An open work environment, a positive work culture and employee centric policies prioritising individual growth defines the culture here. We believe that we all grow,if we thrist for more…knowledge,experience and opportunities !!.

Partner with Us

At FiDzeal, we believe in the power of partnerships.We are always on the look out for enterprising partners with an entrepreneurial mindset who can grow,as you increase the reach ,scale as well as add next gen capabiity of our products and services.

From IoT products and services to our Field Force automation product,we are actively working with our partners to grow the overall ecosystem.

Come join us to grow the Connected World !!Contact us today,to know how you can work alongwith us !!


"When you change your thoughts, you change your world."

Whether you’re just starting out or want to change or advance your career, we have many opportunities available. FiDzeal has a variety of career paths and opportunities throughout the company, whatever your skills and interests. And, your career development will be encouraged and supported throughout your tenure here.

FiDzeal wishes you all the best for your Career search!

Opportunities at FiDzeal!!

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