Need IoT monetization Success?

Creating any-to-any business relationships through IoT | Building business models without constraints

Need business process optimizations?

We will enhance the operational efficiency for youCreating on time and always on data networks for you | Creating the optimal product through design thinking

Need timely data to make better business decisions?

Our custom Platform solutions has the perfect Decision enablement systems for you | Platform components and type based on business needs | Platform building strategy and approach | Can reuse this slide (see comment) after some beautification (A) Find out how our platform services can benefit you

Fog server or edge server or mist server or cloud server? Confused?

We have tailormade architectures for your business (I) Dev-ops with a difference | Exciting journey to cloud (D) Pic for mist vs fog vs edge vs cloud server differences (A) Find out how our system design approach can benefit you Find out about our journey to cloud expertise leading to expertise – journey to cloud section

Our Expertize

Design Thinking



Insight Systems

Design Thinking

We translate observation into insights, and insights into products and services that will improve lives

We spot opportunities in unmet customer needs, invent breakthrough concepts, and make organizations more innovative and agile. All using IoT.

Strategy planning

  • Disrupt with game changing strategies
    - Design Thinking
    - Strategy Planning

  • Turbo-Charge Sales
    - Analytics
    - Enabling Connected Infra

  • Build on your core
    - Application Services
    - Mobility
    - Connected Infra

  • Create Stunning experiences for you client
    - Experience Design
    - Predictive Systems
    - Journey to cloud

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  • Heading2

  • Heading3

  • Heading4

What’s your goal today?

Disrupt with game changing strategies

  • Design Thinking
  • Strategy Planning

Disrupt with game changing strategies

  • Design Thinking
  • Strategy Planning

Disrupt with game changing strategies

  • Design Thinking
  • Strategy Planning

Disrupt with game changing strategies

  • Design Thinking
  • Strategy Planning

Application Services

Digitizing every aspect or work and life

Reducing paper work, redundancy, increasing efficiency and plan and control through one solution…it has it all …. automate your work, process and your plant – all put together in an IoT solution

Platform design

Choosing a platform

  • Understand the requirements and Check for availability of platforms with the expected features
  • Find ways to implement the additional requirements which are outside of the platform scope
  • The scalability, reliability, security, availability, maturity of the platforms needs to be evaluated
  • Ease of development on top of the platform and ways of integrations to the platform

Security considerations

  • Security at the device and gateway communication layers
  • Security on the server hosts
  • Security on the API Layer
  • Admin GUI – Secure the admin sites


At Fidzeal, we are aware of your need for scalability and operationalizing the entire development process.Our trained team,can help you with the deployments in its most modular form,enabling speed to market and ensuring first time right !!

Connected IoT infrastructure

Important components of an IOT Platform

  • Application Development on the platform [Ease of integration]
  • Support for fast real time processing of messages and analysis on stored data
  • Application/Device and Gateway Management
  • Analytics / Rule processing and Admin GUI to configure the platform

Journey to cloud

Data egressed from heterogeneously located Fog & Edge gateways, things are collected and aggregated at the Cloud. Leveraging the data at the cloud to perform analytics & visualization, management & optimization, innovation & transformation create new insights that drive business decisions.

  • Development of highly-scalable and highly available multi-tenant Cloud applications using cloud platforms like AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure
  • Creation of REST Cloud EndPoints for access by Mobile apps & Web Services
  • Cloud Storage API integration: Dropbox, Google Drive, Firebase cloud database
  • Social Messaging API integration like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • LAMP and MEAN stacks
  • Monitoring, Logging & Analytics
  • Automation Scripts from DevOps
  • Databases Used: MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Big Data: Hadoop, Map-Reduce


Imagine a team working on not just technology you want,but identifying best fit technologies and making the transition seamless ,adding might to your rigour !

Application Design

Fidzeal’s next generation application services with an objective of automation for ease of delivery performance and increase productivity.

Fidzeal provides an evolutionary method for application development by -

  • - Responsiveness to business and customer needs
  • - Value creationand Digital transformation for our customers
  • - Innovative and enriched customer experience
  • - Easy to use, stable and low cost infrastructure
  • - Rapid deployment and product release cycle

Embedded Hardware

Development expertise for custom embedded product or improve existing product to transform to IoT Fog or Edge node for use in telecom, healthcare, industrial, automotive, consumer application domains & in low power wireless products like Handhelds, Wearables and Smartphones; using structured product development life cycle and best practices in industry.


Our IoT-ized mobility is a systematic mobile app development with backend/Sensor interface for IoT solution.

We focus on:

  • - Heterogeneity of mobile devices
  • - Display/Screen Size
  • - Memory
  • - Input devices
  • - Processing power
  • - Data Security
  • - Access security
  • - Network
  • - Transmission Error
  • - Memory Latency
  • - Bandwidth Usage

Insight Systems

Making the most of the latest in technology to provide you insights into your business,custom crafting apt data visualisations and translating insights into actionables….we do that and more !

Close looped Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Our solutions are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, we integrate commericial multilingual engine for message recognition, these solution have been customised to support several processes

Data Analytics

Business benefits of IOT analytics

  • - Operational efficiencies, such as preventative and predictive maintenance.
  • - Better and differentiated customer service, like connectivity to enhance products like connected cars, consumer appliances, and industrial/construction equipment.
  • - Creation of new products and services, via visibility into product or equipment performance and diagnostics
  • - Development of new business models, including shifting from product sales to “as-a-service” models.

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